hey I need that finger.. to put places...

2015-08-23 19:14:11 by AECKacid

My index digit got wrecked yesterday by heavy duty generator batteries, no synthesizing for this finger for a few days. 

generator battery finger smash

Could've been worst, please save me ice pack. 

Music For Therapy

2015-04-27 01:43:06 by AECKacid

Sometimes mental illnesses fuck me over from creating new music, I'm stuck in such a rut at the moment. Luckily I have hundreds of old recordings to always mess about on, testing out new post-production techniques and re-listening to more fun or momentous times can always help. Urges to keep pushing through each day thanks to the audio, staying on the search for inspiration by way of moments of intention. You can't feel inspired if you're gone, hell you can't feel anything so it's best to stick around. Stick around and just study the music.

The eye is such a poorly designed organ - fucking let's make human vision dictated by a grape guarded by toe hairs! 

I only have contact lens at the moment, which I can't put in, and I have to wait 2 weeks for some glasses. I'm so behind on projects, it's frustrating. I can only get in about 3 hours of bearable screen time a day so I can't get a whole lot done. Just been noodling around on my 49 key Casio digital keyboard from 1996 or something, the CTK-401 FULL OF FAMILY PHUN.

Anyways spending lots of time with my eyes closed so shout outs to podcasts since you don't have to look at them. 

From 4 to 1

2015-02-27 20:11:36 by AECKacid

I initially uploaded 4 tracks but 3 of them had direct vocal samples from games and tv (Diablo 2 and Xavier: Renegade Angel) so down to just the one for now until I upload more 100% original material later this weekend.  

You can still hear what I took down over on my bandcamp here: 


but planning to keep what I share authentic for NG in the future. - Alan/AECK

Soundcloud can suck it, dropping off audio onto Newgrounds begins!

2015-02-27 19:04:51 by AECKacid

I've been a soundcloud user since 2010 and the way they've gone downhill over the years is just depressing to think about. The community atmosphere has been long dead and the layout has simply become yet another soulless swipe site for your smartphone. Yes, the efficiancy is still there.. and due to that I'm sad to say I won't be completely abandoning sc for newgrounds - but - I needed to find some place to feel a sort of spirit again.. The same spirit I had when I was first gaining my identity as AECK through noise & sound manipulations. Seeing what Newgrounds has become in this modern day has sparked a bit of hope in me. I now have a new place to share my wacky creations with people who may appreciate, rather than only dumping to the same old site where half the activity is spam bot oriented anyways.

Here's hoping I can find a spot for my recordings, here on a URL I used to frequent constantly in the early 2000s. Don't expect the typical software written electronic music - expect to hear my soul spilt as raw hardware manipulations. I'll be uploading various older AECK works ranging from 2010-the present for a few weeks before getting things in tandem with the other pages I maintain around the net. 

In conclusion cheers to Newgrounds for still kicking strong and cheers any and all who share their ears, it is appreciated! - Alan/AECK